Travel Tip Tuesday: Choose Your Cab Driver Wisely

Nagarkot, NepalTravel Tip Tuesday for 13 Mar. 2012

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This is Kerwin with and welcome to another episode of Travel Tip Tuesday.

So, today, ah, we’re gonna talk about “Choosing Your Cab Drivers.”

So, I’m here in Nepal and I had this crazy ride up to ah… is it, Nagarot?

Driver: Nagarkot.


I’m pronouncing that wrong.

But ah… one of the key things is getting a good cab driver.  I have a good cab driver

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So when you get to the city try to find ah, just walk through the city and see if you find someone trust and get someone that can take you to your destination; negotiate a good rate and just enjoy yourself.

So, get a good cab driver when you go to destinations that you don’t really know about.

This is Kerwin with have a great trip.

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